Here at Canvas Art Rocks, we have a huge range of wall stickers & decals. All of our stickers are made to order ensuring they are the perfect size for your wall. Take a look at our easy to follow instruction guide on how to apply wall stickers for flawless application:

1. Your wall sticker

Wall stickers 1

Your wall sticker will have a front and back layer and come with a squeegee to use for applying to the wall.

2. Squeegee your wall sticker

Squeegee your wall sticker

Use the squeegee to press the wall sticker onto the application tape.

3. Removing the backing paper

Removing the backing paper

Turn the wall sticker over so the print is showing in reverse. Peel the backing paper away from the wall sticker, making sure that all of the artwork leaves the backing paper. If any of the artwork stays on the backing paper, place it back down and re-press it with the squeegee.

4. Wall sticker & application tape

Wall sticker & application tape

When you have completely removed the backing paper, you will be left with the wall sticker stuck to the application tape.

5. Placing your wall sticker

Placing the wall sticker

Carefully place the wall sticker onto the wall pressing gently into the top corners.

6. Making sure your wall sticker is straight 

Making sure your wall sticker is straight

Use a spirit level to make sure the wall sticker is straight. If the wall sticker is not straight gently release from the wall and re-apply.

7. Applying your sticker to the wall

Applying your wall sticker to the wall

Run the squeegee up and down the wall sticker, push into the wall as you move it.

Wall sticker

This action will transfer the wall sticker from the application tape to the wall.

8. Removing the application tape

Removing the tape 1

Very carefully remove the application tape from the wall sticker by pulling it away from the wall. If the wall sticker is still attached to the application tape re-apply it to the wall using the squeegee.

Removing the tape 2

As you remove the application tape the wall sticker will transfer to the wall.

9. Take your time

Take your time

Take your time removing the application tape. If any of the wall sticker does not transfer, stop and place the application tape back onto the wall.

Take your time

Re-apply to the wall using the squeegee and continue to carefully pull-off the application tape.

10. Finishing your wall sticker

Finishing your wall sticker

Once the application tape has been completely removed. Use the squeegee to make sure the wall sticker is completely stuck to the wall.

11. Enjoy your brand new wall sticker

Enjoy your brand new wall sticker

Enjoy your brand-new wall sticker.