Your office walls are an important thing you may not have considered much before. But whatever work you do is influenced by your surroundings. Nobody enjoys working in a plain, grey, colourless environment. Even if your favourite colour is grey you’d always add accessories and details to enhance the room. Whether your office is a rented space or simply your spare room, the way you decorate will affect the vibe the room has. Good vibes are always the aim, but how can you breathe life and soul into four walls? With Canvas Art Rocks the answer is simple. Office wall art.

It goes without saying that a cheerful room will help cheer up your staff. If you have meetings with your clients in your office it’s important to impress them. Perhaps you work remotely and hold video conferences with your clients. Your backdrop will definitely get noticed on video calls. Most of us use social media to promote our businesses these days, and office wall art also provides you with easy ways to promote your business and catch attention with photo opportunities. Office wall art will give you a workspace you can be proud of showing off through videos and images as well as in person.

There’s a limit what you can do to a room with furniture, and usually less is more. Your office furniture is for practical use, and while you can choose styles that you like, there are easier ways to brighten up your space. The perfect office space has character and personality. Perhaps you’d like to embrace the industry you work in and display some visual components to represent that. Or maybe you’d like your office space to reflect your own interests and passions. If it’s your home office you’ll definitely want to put your own stamp on it. We offer a huge range of wall art perfect for home and office walls, including canvas art prints, wall stickers, and wallpaper murals. But how to decide which is best for your office? Read on to find out what the best options are to suit your style and space.

1. Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are an easy way to instantly add character to your office. This is an easy option to choose if you don’t own the space you work in. If you’re worried about damaging walls you’ll want to avoid something sticky or hard to remove. With a canvas print you can hang it anywhere in your office or home with damage-free wall mounting options. You could place it on a shelf in your office to give a corner or a wall some instant character. If you’re likely to relocate or change your workspace fairly frequently, a canvas print for your office is the best option as you can take this with you or replace it with a new one at any time.


In a nutshell, canvas prints are the most versatile type of wall art you could get for your office or home. They’re portable, available in a range of different sizes, and low cost. So you can always update your office with new canvas prints and change them throughout the year.

You have an incredible amount of designs and artwork styles to choose from with all of our office wall art. If you want to make a larger statement or have a larger wall available but don’t want something stuck onto the walls then our split canvas prints work really well. They’re larger than the single prints, they make a great impact and are also available in a wide range of sizes and designs including sports, Banksy, movies, music, fine art or beach scenes.

 Multi-Panel Canvas Prints

2.  Wall Stickers

If you have an empty wall that’s in eyesight of yourself or your office workers then wall stickers are the perfect motivational solution. Life quotes are inspirational and uplifting and wall stickers make it easy to bring this inspiration into your office or home.

Our office wall stickers are extremely easy to apply, with step-by-step fitting instructions included. Whatever size you have available, there’s a wide range of size options to choose from. And no matter what brand colours your business has, you can select from a huge variety of colours. Your office is part of your business brand so why should your walls be any different?

Dream Big Work Hard Wall Sticker

Dream Big Wall Sticker

Success Is A Journey Wall Sticker

The Skys The Limit Wall Sticker

3. Wallpaper Murals

A wallpaper mural is by far the most impressive way to bring personality into your home or office. A statement wall can do wonders for boosting morale, ambience and good vibes. With an office wallpaper mural you can bring your dream environment into your workspace. You can easily picture yourself in a beach scene or in your favourite city or landscape. An office wallpaper mural is way better than a window as it doesn’t matter where you’re based - you can choose to look at your dream surroundings, your favourite country or ideal scenery. Your office can be covered in trees, mountains or a sandy beach. Or choose space or fantasy and allow yourself to think outside of this world.

Beautiful tropical beach with palm trees Wall Mural Wallpaper

view from Golden Jubilee Bridges Wall Mural Wallpaper

snowcapped mountain tops Wall Mural Wallpaper

If landscapes and photographic wall art aren’t your style, Canvas Art Rocks also has patterns to suit any office style. Whether you love a floral effect, geometric patterns or a splash of abstract colour, there’s a mural to bring life to your office. Who wouldn’t enjoy working in a vibrant, lively room full of colour? There are even maps!

Technological vector Wall Mural Wallpaper

Abstract texture with triangles Wall Mural Wallpaper

vintage paper with world map Wall Mural Wallpaper

Perhaps the best thing about our office wallpaper murals is they’re made to your own custom dimensions. So don’t worry if your office wall is tiny or gigantic - we’ll print it to your own dimensions. Our office wallpaper murals are also waterproof so they should stand the test of time - just like your team morale and customer loyalty. 

Worried you’re not the best DIYer or decorator? There’s no need to worry at all - our office wallpaper murals are super easy to fit, and you can choose whether you’d prefer to paste the wall or the paper. An instruction guide and wallpaper paste is included and if the worst happens and you damage a panel then we’re more than happy to replace it for you.

Tempted but not sure? We can send you a free sample to touch, feel and see before ordering your final design. If you’d like to see some designs as samples these can be printed and delivered to you for a small charge - which is refunded when you order your full wallpaper mural.

So what’s your favourite? If you’re still looking for more office wall art inspiration you can browse our full range of office wall art here and if you’d like to request a sample or find out more please do get in touch.